General FAQ’s

I would like to support this, but I don't want to Run, Walk or Roll

Wonderful!  Because this is necessarily a virtual event (this year anyway), we don’t have a need for the typical volunteers.  But there are at least 5 ways you can sponsor or challenge the participants.  Please read about them HERE, then fill out the form and we will get back to you to make arrangements.  THANKS!

How and when do I make my donation for this event?

Most donations will be made after the kilometers are tallied at the end of the event.  Your run, walk or roller will send you an email with the link to the form and a report of total kilometers.     If you are matching funds or making a challenge donation, you will get a link and a report from the event organizers.

If you are donating a fixed amount, you may request the form link at any time.

You will get a receipt immediately.  The tax deductible receipt will follow in June.


Can I get a tax deductible receipt?

Absolutely, we are charitable organiztion.  We will provide a receipt for any donation of $20 or more.  You just tell us on the donation form that you want it.

How do I order a hat? / get my hat?

Hats are red with the lotus logo on the front and the words “Walk for Inner Peace” on the back (both in white).  Hats are cotton and adjustable.

Participants can order hat(s) from their registration form.  Anyone can order a hat from THIS LINK (Link will become active later in May).

Once the hats arrive we will contact everyone who ordered one and either set up a pick up at the Centre or mail the hat to you.

If you have ordered a hat and think you have been missed, please email us at:


I have a question not addressed here

Participant FAQ’s

Do I have to be a member to participate?

No, anyone can participate!  We welcome you!

Just return to the home page and register.


How can I get sponsors?

1 – Please check out our simple, easy way to get sponsors and please don’t stress!  Keep a happy mind and just give it a try.


2 – Let us know you would be interested in having a “volunteer” sponsor who is looking for participants and if they arise we will hook you up.  Email us at  runwalkroll4peace@bodhichittacentre.ca

How do I measure my kilometers?

If you have a Fitbit or similar device or a smartphone with a tracking app, you can just set that and use it.

You can also use Google maps or equivalent on your computer or phone or tablet in advance or afterwards and use the “get directions” with walking chosen to obtain the kilometers.

Or just drive the route and estimate.

You can round up anything over 1/2 kilometer as we will just tally in whole numbers.

How and when do I report my kilometers?

We appreciate if you report your kilometers each day you walk so we can update the web page.   To do this we have provided an easy online form that you just enter your name, participant id, today’s date, the number of days you are reporting (default 1) and the kilometers. The link to it is included on the Participants Toolkit page

We also provide a form, linked from the same page, that you can print, where you can tally your kilometers. You may want to keep this regardless so you can easily tally your total kilometers for reporting to your sponsor at the end.  And you can just scan and send this to us or if you want to wait until the end, you can email us with your total kilometers.

To report at the end, or to ask us to resend the link to the online reporting form, email us here: