A Simple Way to Get Sponsors 


Take the stress out of fundraising!

Rather than setting a dollar amount as your goal, set a goal of getting 5 donors.  This works because the actual secret to fundraising success is… Asking!  And here is  a simple way to do that.

Start by Asking 5 Donors!

Who do I ask?

1.  Self – The easiest one – make a self-donation first! People will see you are serious and now you are already  20% there!

2. Family – Email your Mom, Dad, Grandma, favourite Uncle, brother, sister or your adult children and ask for a pledge.  Explain why are walking (or running or rolling) and why giving encourages you  and in in turn helps your community.  They love you – they’ll give. Voila, 2 (or more) donors down!

3. Friend – Contact your best friends, look them in the eye (literally or virtually depending on who is in your “bubble”), and explain what you are doing . Then ask for a pledge.  And while you are at it, go ahead and ask them to join you.  The event is virtual, so it doesn’t matter where they are!   And 3 donors done!

4. Love – Even if you already have 5, if you have a  crush/spouse/significant other, be sure to not leave them out!  Cozy up and ask them for a pledge.  Now you are on a roll.

5. Work – If you work or volunteer or go to school somewhere, don’t leave out your favorite friend from that environment.  Let them know how meditation has helped you to be a better employee, student, friend.  YIPPEE!  You got through it!

How do I ask them?

The same ways you generally communicate with each group is  probably best.. so generally in-person or email.

Prepare in advance a short, personal message about what this fundraising effort means to you.  Explain why you are participating and why giving encourages you and helps the larger community.

We have a Please Pledge Me template email you can start with if you want, but we suggest you personalize with your own reasons and languare.

The template email  and form links you need are provided on the Participants Toolkit page (Password provided when you register.)