I would like to become a Sponsor, how can I do that?


GREAT! There are several ways to structure your sponsorship.

  1.  You can sign up directly with any Runner, Walker or Roller you may know.
  2.  We can match you up with a runner, walker or roller who is looking for a some sponsors.
  3. You can just make a specific donation.
  4. You can make a CHALLENGE donation.  You decide the challenge conditions, such as a specific number of kilometers walked (by the group) or specific number of runners, walkers or rollers who participate.   Be creative!
  5. You can make a MATCHING donation.. matching money raised at any level you choose ($500, $1000, $2000.)

For type 1 – please proceed with the runner, walker or roller.

For types 2,  3, 4 or 5 you can enter your information in THIS FORM and someone will get back to you posthaste!

Thanks for you interest.